September 14, 2015 James

Funny examples of bad designs

What is the purpose of design?

A good design incorporates both function and aesthetics. A well-designed object does not differentiate between form and function, but rather incorporates them into one single, coherent concept. This is the primary aim of designers—to communicate an idea without making the aesthetic component suffer.

A concept the following designs failed miserably at.


As a designer, there is something addictive about looking at these godawful designs. Whether it is simply happiness with others’ misdesign or something else, let this be a reminder of what not to do when designing.

Admit it though, you have at least one crappy design hidden within the recesses of your design portfolio.

GEbLHfTI think there is a kerning problem.


gD6ysdVI hope the pizza was great.


P5v3oJHR U?


h0Cm1ocBut is it art?


BOJrAHYMore Comic Sans!


RZtVYU8POECE be with you.


YOTZendThere’s something about that last ‘g’ that feels off.


jKD0SG6We need photo size diversity too.


WGDg5KBThis is what we call irony’, Alanis.


28k5YmSI think you forgot to Photoshop something, Greg.


ALFfE2OAre we seeing another blue and black/white and gold phenomenon?




L3tRjivWell said.


yFazwWATasteless sugar?


9GPNxt5It’s all about the visuals.


ZaNEXPkSandwiches for my car.


Bc4J2LFWho comes decides who country who comes this to?


bbw_tim_cook_092214Tim Cook’s Apple

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